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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: president obama today said definitively he now believes same-sex marriage should be legal. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. on the "newshour" tonight, we'll explore the president's evolution on the issue and talk about the debate going forward. >> brown: then, we turn to the political upset in indiana, where a tea party candidate toppled veteran senator richard lugar. >> ifill: we get new details about the would-be suicide bomber who was a double agent cooperating with the c.i.a. to foil an al-qaeda bomb plot. >> brown: from cambodia, fred de sam lazaro reports on one group's efforts to help homeless children have a brighter future. >> in make-shift gatherings like this one-part kindergarten part clinic, the children come to get cuts and scratches tended, to play board games or a rare luxury: to shampoo their hair. >> ifill: and ray suarez talks with steven lee myers of the new york times about the high-level, diplomatic drama that freed a chinese activist. >> brown: that's all ahe
. 25 years. he shot and killed trooper wesley brown in june of 2010, coming up at 5:30, hear from coop are troon's partner, who was there that night and held -- >> the younger brother of two nfl stars is now charged with killing a tourist. 66-year-old gary dedrick died michael davis is now charged with his murder. he's in custody tonight charged with two other attacks as well. he's the brother of vernon davis and tonight tay davis. >> the a judge dropped charges against randy babbitt after a key piece of evidence failed to support the charges. julie has it latest now from fairfax. >> reporter: former faa chief randy babbitt being cleared of the charges that cost him his high-profile career. in early deficiency he was. >> it's been a -- there's a tough time. there's a lot of press and reaction. i'm glad it's over and ready to get rid ready in twes. babbitt had just left a nearby dinner party where he had had two and a half to three glasses of wine over the course of the evening. once babbitt was pulled over, officer morris gave him a breath test. he rej terd .07, below the legal limit.
woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight, we have the latest on the attack in damascus. the deadliest in the 14 month uprising. >> woodruff: then, we assess the political fallout from president obama's coming out on same sex marriage. >> brown: miles o'brien reports on the move to curb scientific testing on chimpanzees to find cures for human ailments. >> so is it cruel or not? >> woodruff: margaret warner examines new warnings about the long term use of osteoporosis drugs aimed at rebuilding bones. >> brown: and gwen ifill talks with biographer robert caro about his latest volume on lyndon johnson, an epic story of history, politics and human rivalries. >> you hate to use words like hatred as a historian but hatred is not too strong a word to describe the relationship between robert kennedy and lyndon johnson. they hated each other. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> citi turns 200 this year. in that time, there have been some good days and some difficult ones. but through it al
the country very rapidly. >> thank you. governor brown. >> it is a good idea to bring back that $1 trillion sitting out there. how to do that, it remains to be seen. but then that will require some other tax. that would be my big request like everybody else. get america's finances under control and that will take both parties. it will take taxes and it will take reduction in commitments that have been made. it now can be validated. let's get this but do it in a way that exacerbates the uncertain economy. the second -- we have to happen through innovation. whether it is the space program or tax credits for renewable energy. all that is important. we have to keep that going. that will get hard because we will face is demographics. that is my 74th birthday on april 7. i am aware of the and aging population which i have become and we are an aging population relative to what we were. luckily, we have millions of fresh arrivals that are younger and are energetic and they come from all over the world. we have to make sure our education system lifts them to their highest aspirations. when
the rest of his life in prison for the murder of off-duty maryland state trooper wesley brown who was moonlighting security at the applebee's restaurant in forestville june 11th, 2010. brown's fiancee is ebony norris. >> wesley was the man that i dreamed of. we were engaged to be married. >> you hear people talk about great people all the time and some are good. some are bad. wes was truly that great person. >> reporter: brown's partner that night, fellow trooper carl peoples, said he now faces a lifetime of regret. peoples said he was set to arrest williams who just urinated on the crowded restaurant floor and had taken a swing at peoples outside but brown, the younger trooper who always looked for good in people, talked his partner out of it. >> he said carl, let him go. he's drunk. he didn't mean any better. we can do something else and we walked back inside and i said we shouldn't let him go and he came babb and committed the act he did commit. -- back and committed the act he did commit. >> reporter: throughout the legal process cyril williams hasn't had much today and tod
on the community-wide effort for chuck brown. that is coming your way next. >>> the nation applauded the work of the cia to foil the latest underwear bomb plot but should we even know all the details that we do know. coming up being getting to the antibiotic time big leak.  -- getting to the bottom of a big leak. >>> making headlines this morning, the head of the house intelligence committee wants an investigation into how the cia's operation to stop the plane bombing was leaked. the associated press was the first to report on the bomb plot. republican representative mike rogers says the leaks kept the operation from getting to its full conclusion and may jeopardize lives. but fbi director robert mueller told congress that the u.s. is learning valuable information from the bomb that might prevent future attacks. >>> a civil rights champion who worked for two house administrations has died. nicholas katzenbach died at his home yesterday. he may be best known no incident grating the university of alabama in 1963. he read president kennedy taps statement demanding that two black students b
>> and it is my honor to introduce governor jerry brown of california. i think. ok. in ibm research, one of the things we talk about is our laboratories. i have been all over the world, live in different countries. i am a relatively recent transplant to california. i would like to let the governor know that i am happy to be here. it is a good space. recently, governor brown has spent a lot of time, focus, and effort making california a better place. focus on eliminating waste, increasing efficiency, decreasing the budget deficit, and real focus that we appreciate in northern california on clean energy. for example, moving the state's goal to be 33% clean energy producing. it is my privilege to welcome governor brown to the panel. [applause] >> and to introduce our next panelist, i would like to welcome steve ballmer, senior bp -- vp. >> good morning and thank you. next up is governor hickel lipper -- hickenlooper. he is the serieaal a entreprener each of you have in your respective parts. he became very successful in the brew pub business. he never had a single election not even for
brown. they say he shot trooper brown outside an apple bees in june 2010 where he was working as a part time security guard. he was angry after trooper brown removed him from the restaurant for being into -- intoxicated. >> he was also convicted on weapons counts. >>> president obama's comment about same sex marriage is collecting criticism and appraisal. >> president obama's campaign is already out with the new internet ad calling his opponent backwards on equality. his deck la indication wednesday -- declaration wednesday that same sex couples toub able to mary -- -- should be able to move moved it to the front of the campaign. the president's advisors help the announcement will fire up the democratic bate. >> it was meaningful to hear him support our community. >> it's not sitting well with some members of the hispanic and african american community who supported president obama in 2008. >> it has a potential of splitting the vote. it does from an african american based on christianity and politics. >> they admit their hand was forced over the weekend when biden announced his suppor
the possibility of parole. he will be going to prison for the rest of his life. for the murder of trooper brown, who was killed in june of 2010. now there are a couple of other details that came out here as they were doing the sentencing. first of all, it came out that the reason that this man was thrown out of an appleby's in june of 2010 was because he had apparently urinated on another one of the customer there is and was being disruptive. well he was thrown out. today, we heard from trooper brown's -- partner, who said that when he came out of the bar, trooper brown decided that this man did not need to be arrested, but should be let go and given a second chance. and this is something that the prosecutor spoke about. that even after given a second chance, that the man came back and then shot and killed the trooper. and yes, now he will be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. prince george's state's attorney angela brooks spoke about the sentencing today and we also heard from his partner, carl peoples. this is the trooper who held trooper brown as he died. >> the trooper bro
parole for killing wesley brown. brown was shot and killed outside a foresthill restaurant in june of 2010. another man, at the milton, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in jail for being an accessory to the murder. former federal aviation administration chief randy babbitt is scheduled to go on trial today on drunk driving charges of. he was arrested and charged in early december after police stopped him from going the wrong way in fairfax city. he resigned from his job shortly after his arrest. >> fuel services today for the church secretary who was fatally shot a week ago at a church in ellicott city. a homeless man who had received help at st. peter's episcopal church sean brenda brewington and the church pastor mary- marguerite kohn. any kill themself. the funeral is at 1:30 this afternoon at st. john's and ellicott city. >> president obama making history. >> the announced his support for same-sex marriage in an abc news exclusive. he has become the first sitting president to ever do so. >> in an exclusive interview with abc news, president obama made history, be
behind bars. in june of 2010 he shot and killed trooper wesley brown, who was working security at the applebee's in forestville. williams shot brown outside the restaurant. the judge give williams the maximum sentence calling him a threat to society. >> it's the worst violence in syria since the uprising began. tonight at least 55 people are dead, hundreds more injured after twin suicide bombings in damascus. the white house has con determin -- co condemned the attacks this evening. >> reporter: two suicide car bombs exploded in the syrian capital of damascus, killing more than 50 people and wounding more than 370. the explosions took place in a district in the capital that houses a military intelligence come plks, believed to be the intended target. syrian state media says the majority of those killed were civilians. the syrian government blamed the explosion on terrorists they said have been behind a 14-month uprising trying to destabilize the country. activists blame the government for orchestrating the attacks saying they were trying to demonize the opposition and create a
to life in prison. the victim, trooper wesley brown. brown was working security for an applebee's in 2010. turns out he threw williams out of the store for being drunk and disorderly. williams got a gun, came back, and shot brown to death. tonight prince william county paid tributes to officers what have made that ultimate sacrifice. the citizen police academy alumni association held a memorial service for fallen law enforcement officers who lived or served in prince william county. >> very important for coworkers, for family members, for all of us would knew officers killed in the line of duty. >> tonight's service honored troopers and officers killed in the line of duty. >>> metropolitan police chief cathy lanier will get to keep her job for the next five years. in a statement mayor vince gray says crime is down. sources say la near's salary will remain at the rate of $250,000 a year. >>> a man accused of killing a mother and daughter so he could abduct her sisters was in court today. the bodies of joanne bane and a 4-year-old were found outside tons. >>> the kiss against former preside
forestville. brown's fiancee is ebony norris. >> wesley was the man that i dreamed of. >> you hear people talk about great people all the time and some are good, some are bad. wes was truly that great person. >> reporter: brown's partner that night, fellow trooper carl peoples, says he now faces a lifetime of regret. peoples said he was set to arrest williams who had just urinated on the crowded restaurant floor and had taken a swing at peoples outside, but brown, the younger trooper who always looked for good in people, talked his partner out of it. >> he said carl, let him go. just let him go. he said he's drunk. he didn't mean any better. we can do something else and we walked back inside. i told him sometimes we just can't let him go. we shouldn't let him go and he came back and committed the act he did commit. >> reporter: throughout the legal process cyril williams hasn't had much to say and today finally when the judge gave him a chance to speak, to apologize, to tell his side of the story to say anything, cyril williams remained stone cold silent. in upper marlboro, scott
convicted of killing a maryland state police trooper will learn his fate. he shot wesley brown back in 2010. brown was working part-time security at the applebee's. he removed him for being loud and disruptive. he returned later with a gun killing brown outside the res strauchblt prosecutors will ask for a live sentence without control. >>> this morning police are looking for three men who robbed and abducted man in fairfax county on his way to work. police say they forced the father into his car at gunpoint in the 6100 block of cumberland avenue in springfield early wednesday morning. police say they drove the victim to two banks and forced him to take out money. they then forced him into the trunk of his car and cut his face. he is expected to be okay. >>> virginia state police say there are no signs of foul play in the death of man whose body was found at a rest area. his body was found inside the car of a virginia welcome center. the car had out-of-state plates. his name has not been released. the state police shut down the rest area for a few hours to investigate. it's now reopened. >>
with the murder of trooper wesley brown. trooper brown was working security for an appleby's restaurant in forrestville in june 2010. he threw out williams for being drunk and disorderly. williams got a gun, returned and shot brown to death. >>> we've just learned that d.c. police have charged 19- year-old michael davis for the death of a tourist from colorado. davis is the younger brother of n.f.l. players vernon and vonte davis. the victim, 66-year-old gary dederichs of denver died from head trauma last month. police found his body in the city's petworth area. the defendant was already in custody. he had been charged with two other attacks. >>> a special session is beginning next week in maryland's capital, but the deal is set and the votes are in place to finalize a budget. that will avoid half a billion dollars in drastic cuts. the house and the senate are expected to approve the new budget which hikes taxes on high earners. that's individuals who make more than 100,000 a year or couples making $150,000 a year. their taxes will go up as much as three-quarters of a percent. when it c
-- murder of trooper wesley brown. john gonzales joins us from upper marlboro. >> the prosecution described this as an evil deed and they asked the judge for the maximum penalty. the judge said in court he believes this defendant would try to kill again so he did give him the maximum, life in prison without parole and additional 25 years. the 29-year-old learn his fate this afternoon convicted of killing maryland state trooper wesley brown. >> it has been a long journey for us. the hurt and the pain the tragedy of the event but we are glad that today it is finally over a justice was served. >> locals remember this heinous crime as the applebees murder. leslie browne was moonlighting as a security guard and through the man out. he returned an hour later with a gun. he and the bad gun as the trooper walked out of the restaurant. >> mr. williams is sentenced, i believe, and justice has been served. it provides no consolation to us whatsoever. >> today's sentencing was emotional, filled with heartfelt testimony from troopers, his friends and family about i have a partner that i cared for that c
georges county judge sentenced williams to life in jail plus 25 years. he shot trooper brown. brown kicked williams out for being disruptive. williams came back with a gun and shot brown. trooper brown's partner reacted to the sentence. >> to have someone, anyone to die around you but then have a partner who you cared for, that cared for everyone else take his last breath in your arms is something you can't tell anybody how you feel about that. it's something that you carry with you all the time, something i carry with me every day. >> brown's fiancee says justice has finally been served. williams maintained his innocence and did not speak before today's sentencing. his attorney plans to appeal. >> 19-year-old michael davis is charged with first degree murder in the death of gary dedrick. he's charged with two other hammer attacks in the same neighborhood. both of the other victims survived. davis is the brother of two nfl stars, 49ers tight end vernon davis and dolphins corner back vonte davis. >> day after getting a new five-year contract, d.c. police chief kathy lanier is denouncing a n
maryland state trooper wesley brown. trooper brown was killed outside a forestville, maryland restaurant in 2010. williams could get life in prison. >>> the washington national cathedral is going to dedicate its carving of rosa park. it joins other carvings honoring those who fought for social justice. the dedication will take place with a choral concert at 5:30. >>> radio station wpgc is calling for a prayer today for chuck brown. the d.c. go go music legend is fighting pneumonia. the station is asking people to say a prayer at noon for brown's recovery. >>> according to one report, president obama had planned to announce his support for same- sex marriage before the democratic national convention this summer. >> but political reports vice president joe biden's announcement sunday that he supports same-sex marriage forced the president's hand. either way president obama's announcement is what people are talking about this morning. >> delia goncalves is live outside the white house with more on the story. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, mike. a lot of analysts in fact say
of these asian pacific heritage month associations, mayor willie brown. >> this evening, we are celebrating our communities from all over the world. i am so lucky to be the mayor of an international city. we talked a lot about diversity, but we also celebrates in so many ways. it is marvelous to hear the names of all these council generals from all around the world. we also have some invaluable participants that represent the city relations. from osaka, singapore, shanghai, taipei, and seoul, korea. they're working with our offices and communities to promote education, trade, allow ourselves to educate ourselves continuously about the need to have a more advanced, smarter immigration policy for our country. and also one that we enjoy celebrating because we get a lot of talent from the other countries, which is why we want to be a gateway to the world. that is why we enjoy the celebration so much. with that, i like to invite former mayor willie brown and also the supervisors, please join us on the stage and be part of the witness and of the signing of the proclamation for this year imposed a cel
. cyril cornelius williams was sentenced for the june shooting of trooper wesley brown. brown was working at a part time -- as a part-time security officer at an apple these -- applebee's. a pedestrian is struck and killed in baltimore last night. it happened in southwest baltimore. the victim was found at the scene and responsive. no word on who was at fault for the accident. public safety comes to the forefront of the bay between city council members and the city's fire chief. the budget proposal includes the closures of three fire companies for good. the fire chief says that this is a -- simply a reallocation of sources that will increase stability in the department and would not have an negative impact on response times, but some city council members disagree. >> we have to identify where in the city we can cover the best, identify a company and taken out of the system and quick rotating closures. >> it is not that much money. we cut the taxes. we can pay to protect the houses that we just lowered the taxes for. >> closures are slated to go into effect july 1. an act of forgiveness fr
of trooper wesley brown. williams shot brown outside an appleby's in 2010. the judge called the murder a vengeful act. and sentenced him to life without parole, plus 20 years. trooper brown was working security part-time at the restaurant when he was thrown out for being disruptive. >> trooper brown's family said today is a great day for her family. and that she's happy justice has been served. >> there is a new name on the fbi's 10 most wanted list. adam mayes is accused of murdering a mother and daughter two years ago and kidnapping two daughters. mark strausman reports. an intense multistate manhunt is under way. >> we believe adam mayes could be anywhere in the united states and we are extremely concerned for the safety of the girls. >> reporter: the fbi will continue its intensive search for adam mayes, one of the most wanted in america. he is expected of killing joanne baines and her 14-year- old daughter adrian in their home last month. and kidnapping 12-year-old alexandria,a and 8-year-old kayleah. mayes mother says he believed he was their father. >> my daughter said he lives,
, at james brown -- right now, at james brown's performance it is a man's world ♪ [ music ] >> i love the look, i love the inflection, i love how he connected a song. >> okay let's hear it. >> public apology. >> the best singer i have ever heard in my whole life. >> wow. >> speaking in latin tongues? >> the best singer i have heard on this show. >> you have been on the stage, i don't know during your season if they had as much production value. >> don't get juno started on it. >> if you are going to add all of these musicians and look at the stage, look at the lights vocalists, look at that. you have to be that good as a performer, or you will get buried by it. >> absolutely. >> he did it. >> for so long in this competition he was -- you just saw gospel. he has developed, okay allowing the song to breathe and take its time and allowing you to feel the song. hands down most improved power artist. and last night i thought i was at the finale watching him. >> this guy is the type of artist we claim we have been wanting to see. someone who can actually sing. >> bottom line people would pa
you enjoy the first two as much as i did. i think we found out how much of a character governor brown can be we are going to talk about silicon valley and the bay area innovation to the economy today. as you look at the panel, talking about the silicon valley, we have the mayor of san francisco. it will come into perspective, that when you have a giant like ibm anchor here in the valley, you are seeing in between companies like google and apple and facebook with incredible growth. in san francisco, mayor lee has welcomed to the fold in twitter, zynga, companies that are into cloud computing, hiring lots of people that not only want to live and work in the valley but recognize san francisco as being part of the valley. we are, indeed, fortunate, from san jose to san francisco, to be part of the innovation economy. we are finally seeing once again california's innovation is leading us out of the last three years of recession. i do not know about you but i am pretty tired of the recession. i made a statement several years ago that it was about time for an adjustment to the economy, thing
of "rolling stone," and buzzfeed, and patricia shah rose from brown university, which is known as the university of virginia of the north. on this day you've been speaking to people around the white house, around the campaign. >> right. >> what have you learned about how the president got to this point? >> i've been working the phones and my sources over the last 72 hours, the president has taken a stand. we know that mrs. obama wanted him to come out on this. we know his kids, top level members of his staff who are openly gay who he has been listening to. but the final straw according to a top campaign source, we were always going to do something this year, but the vice president revealed our hand a little early. and here we have the vice president revealing his hand on meet the"meet the press" three days ago. >> i'm absolutely comfortable men marrying men and women marrying women and heterosexuals marrying, they are all entitled to the same act rights the same civil liberties. >> one of the by-products you michael and trisha, we all wondered what it would mean for the preside
running against senator scott brown and came under fire for claiming minority status on her native-american heritage when she is 1/32nd cherokee. she insisted she never used it to get a job but for five years she listed herself as minority. asked about it, he is accused scott brown as sexism and said she only out theed it to meet people. >> i listed in the directory because i listed it myself. [ inaudible ] it was a long time ago but mostly i was listed because i thought i might be invited to meetings where i might meet more people who had grown up like i had grown up. that was that. >> greg: it turned out her great, great, great grandfather was par of a militia rounded up indians from their homes in the trail of tears so the oppressed may be the oppressor. where is the media in all of this? imagine a politician condem condemning gay marriage is gay. the media would bury him under the hypocrisy. she is pretending to be something she is not. i hope liberals on the afternoon chat shows, bob, who condemn them and demand she lead the race. >> bob: if it helps her meet people, i'm full
down for the killer of maryland state trooper wesley brown. now even though he was sentenced to life in prison without parole, cyril cornelius williams remained defiant until the very end offering no apologies to brown's friends and family who were there in the courtroom. the story from scott broom. >> justice has certainly been served, but it proines consolation to us whatsoever -- provides no consolation to us whatsoever. >> reporter: state's attorney angela alsobrooks took no pleasure of this major victory in court. cyril williams will spend the rest of his life in prison for the murder of off-duty state trooper wesley brown who was moonlighting security at the applebee's restaurant
to the big headline of the day. >>> republican senator scott brown out with his first television ad of the massachusetts senate race, painting himself as an independent leader. take a look. >> independent majority has delivered a great victory. my whole life has been about beating the odds. there's absolutely nothing in this world that you can't get if you work hard at it. i've done what i said i was going to do. >> he's turned out to be unpredictability independent and beholden to no one. >> we have more work to do getting this economy working again. working together, we can restore it together. >> brown is also putting the spotlight on his challenger elizabeth warren's claims of native american ancestry, calling on her to release her law school applications. brown says, quote, serious questions have been raised about the legitimacy of elizabeth warren's claims to native american ancestry and whether it was appropriate for her to assume minority status as a college professor. warren has faced questions from the media after it was reported she listed herself as a minority in two law
in february of first-degree murder for the shooting death of wesley brown after an altercation at a restaurant where brown was working security. prosecutors wrapped up their case against john edwards today but it does not appear his mistress, rielle hunter, will testify. edwards has pleaded not guilty to using secret payments to cover up his up -- his affair with hunter. findings about what caused brake problems on real cars will be prevented to date -- presented today. mechanical petite on the friction of rain caught the part to fail twice in january. also today, metro's board will get an update on the rush plus plan. >> today, a fairfax county neighborhood is on edge and police are on high alert after someone abducted and rob a man outside its home. >> the nightmare began wednesday morning along cumberland avenue in springfield. it ended on piedmont place. >> good morning. at this is a very scary ordeal for the 22-year-old victim. he tells police that early yesterday morning he was walking out of this house on cumberland avenue in springfield walking to his car to go to work when he was appr
parking lot and got in his vehicle. >> wes brown, the younger trooper, with the instinct to find good in people, had talked his partner out of making the arrest that might have prevented the murder, a moment peoples says he'll regret for a lifetime. >> even ifly locked him up or arrested -- if i had locked him up or arrested him like my mind said to do, we wouldn't be having this conversation today. >> people said wesley brown stepped outside to use his cell phone because it was noisy outside and he was ambushed in an instant. brown came spilling through this door and peoples was standing right here to grab him. the shooting was still going on. brown died as peoples held him. >> could have been you just as easily. >> it could have been. we all have guardian angels. someone looks after us. wes is my guardian angel as well as he was trying to help mr. williams by telling him to leave and he didn't. >> cyril williams goes to prison the rest of his life. carl peoples lives free, but burdened by sadness and emotions he was talking about for the first time today now that this trial and
any cuter? that show is so good. >>> and you know who else is so good? alton brown is here. the amazing alton brown. he's going to whip up a little bananas foster. >> the morning edition. >> we're going to set things on fire. >> more desserts. >>> and you are the host of the james beer foundation awards. i was there. you killed. >> really? i survived. thank you. >> and you didn't set anything on fire. >> i did not. but i will today. >> that's right. >>> we know that mother's day is coming up. and we're all blessed to have extraordinary mothers in our lives. and i am included in that. she grew up in the depression. she married a tuskegee airman, my mom. and my mom, lucimarian roberts, sharing her wisdom. in a new book. "my story, my song," along with missy buchanan, who we will talk to in a moment. here's my momma. ♪ when it's heavy you're never left alone ♪ ♪ to bare it all >> reporter: faith, family and friends. that's what my mom's life is all about. and at the age of 88, she is taking a lifetime of lessons learned and putting them to paper in "my story, my song." >
,000 a year. >>> the washington region is being asked to come together to fray for -- to pray for chuck brown. he remains in the hospital suffering from pneumonia. folks are asked to stop what they are doing today at noon to offer prayers for the legendary performer. >>> a new name on the nub's 10 most wanted list. >> also ahead, we'll tell you about somewhat pricing moves by the prosecution in the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards. find out who probably will not take the stand as we continue. time now 6:07  >>> making headlines this morning and around the globe, syria is hit with a deadly double bombing. two explosions rocked the capital of damascus today. syrian tv says at least 40 people were killed, another 170 hurt. there are also big headlines coming out of yemen today. security officials there say five al-qaeda militants were killed in an air strike. it is unclear right now whether the u.s. was behind that operation. >>> this morning, there is a new name on the fbi's 10 most want the list. adam maize is charged with kidnapping a mother and her three
"the gilmore girls" or murphy brown from murphy brown. >> angela bower. >> but i don't know who it is. >> he was very confident. >> the correct answer is norma arnold from "the wonder years." you think it could be murphy brown or any of those characters but yes, "the wonder years" won out. >> do we have time for one more? we don't. >> that's all right. >> thanks for coming to see us. >> my pleasure. >> kathie lee will come back across the street and while we're talking about tv we need to make a correction, earlier we announced and said ellen wasn't nominated for talk show host, but it was because she didn't enter her name in that category. up next, last minute gift ideas for mother's day right after this. [ female announcer ] what happens when glade's new true-to-life fragrances fill the air? your home welcomes you with warmth. cuddles you with closeness. and assures you there's no place you'd rather be. introducing a new line of fragrance mists from glade. light layers of fresh cotton. whispers of italian mandarin. note-by-note these fragrances fill the air, inviting life in. artful
brown opens in santa cruz film festival. >> more events around the bay. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura one a tony. she makes her debut in venetian room. also the bay area teen idol winner opens the show from bay area cabaret on saturday night. >> lots to do. >> for mother's day, right? >> perfect. >> for awful us here. thanks so much for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> have a great day.
of killing trooper westly brown. he shot him outside of an applebee's restaurant. ron was working security when he and his partner threw williams out of the restaurant for being disruptive. >>> u.s. intelligence officials are learning more about the man behind al qaeda's latest terror plot. ibrahim hassan al-asiri is someone who would stop at nothing to harm americans. there are explosive devices that can be implanted in pets and popular products. >> reporter: al qaeda's young bomb maker is determined to blow up a plane. his latest include bombs that can be surgically implanted inside of terrorists. others look like every day luggage. he's hiding them in pets or exturnal -- external hard drives. >> very inknow vaitive that would evade detection. >> reporter: after a double agent infiltrated a cell, intelligence officials are preparing for more attacks. u.s. drone strikes have been expanded. just last night a strike in yemen killed at least five militants but al-asiri remains at large having survived at least one drone strike. >> we want to make sure he doesn't have the opportunity to bumpe
to a conversation with mr. brown in 2006 am a labour conference, d.c. that? paragraph 36. >> yes. >> if it was at the labour conference in manchester that year, we knew because it was announced that mr. blair would be leaving within the year and, therefore, in all probability mr. brown would be the next prime minister. are you with a? >> i think that was a given, yeah. >> he said to you, are you say, i remember that meeting well because mr. brown told me, had it on very good authority that river burdock would appoint me as editor of "the sun" when rebekah was promoted. you see that? >> yes. >> he was effectively telling you that he was already, rupert murdoch's decision one, that rebekah wade would be promoted, and that too, you would be inclined to be the next editor of "the sun." >> that's what he was saying, yes. [inaudible] >> because i didn't. frankly, believe that river burdock would've had a conversation conversation with him. >> but why not? he was close to mr. brown, wasn't he? >> my understanding of how news international works in terms of appointments of editors is tha
to the restaurant... with a gun..../ and shoo brown. its up to the jury now in thh consultant julius - enson.jjhn rydell is at the - mitcheel courthhuse in downtown baltimore and says deliberations have ust 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 &p- a... man.../ .disputing... how much ...he ooes .../ in... child support....// áágetsáá an... easy way out ..../ by.../ a... worker... at human esources..../ ááalláá the father... had to do... cash. this... is video... of the encounter ... worker.../ áá butáá he's... the individual... you see... wearing....a... gold shirt.../. ááafferáá department what happened..../ áááheáá contract worker ...// was fired...//. ááunionáá reps ...say.../ this... is... a... prime example.../ why... thh state... shouldn't use.../ contractors.../ to... 13:00955 it's a contractor going after contractor and in thhs whole things// and all &pthe reasoo why we shoold not be having contractors proviie these public servicee 13:10:00 p3:10:06 baltimooe city's... child suuport office... 3 is... th
death of wesley brown a state trooper working part- time security in forestville. brown had williams removed from the restaurant for being disruptive. police say williams returned to the restaurant with a gun and shot the off-duty police officer. >>> the na acp launched an historic voter outreach effort dubbed this is my vote. the naacp president ben jealous and others are expected to make remarks today. 34 states have proposed legislation that would restrict voting for an estimated five million eligible voters. states that pass laws requiring voters to show photo id and also limiting organization. jealous says the laws are the most unprecedents and aggressive attack on voting rights since the dawn of jim crow, end quote. >>> work could now start in july. it was originally set to start in the beginning of june. however that's been pushed back a few weeks. church services will continue as normal during the construction which could last until next year. however, tours will be restricted and sometimes even stopped while the work is being done. >>> now today the charles village pub offic
. williams was found guilty of shooting wesley brown in 2010. he worked security at an applebee's in forestville and had removed williams from the restaurant. williams left and got a gun and came back and shot brown. >>> jury deliberations continue this morning in chicago in the murder trial of -- murder trial of william balfour. they delivered their closing arguments wednesday. balfour is on trial. he is accused of killing jennifer hudson's brother, brother and 7-year-old nephew in october 2008. >>> meantime the prosecution in the trial for the former presidential candidate john edwards could be resting its case today. it's likely they will not call edwards' mistress hunter to the stand. it's also unclear if she will be called to testify. >>> today the charles village pub in towson celebrates the grand reopening. abc2 news linda so is live there this morning. >> reporter: the place has been totally rebuilt. ly find it bigger and better and it housed an outgate door patio and a rooftop deck and later this morning at 11:30, county executive kevin kamenetz will rejoin them for a g
in february. in 2010 he shot and killed trooper brown working security at an apple bee's restaurant in forestville. >>> fairfax county police on the hunt for three suspects accused of abducting a man at gun point. karen grey houston is live at the victim's apartment complex in springfield with the details. karen good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison and tony. police do not know if this victim was targeted, but he went through a terrible or deal. it all started 1:30 a.m. yesterday morning. the 22-year-old victim was leafing his apartment complex here in the 6100 block cumberland avenue when he was accosted by the three men. two were wearing masks one had a covering of cloth over his face. police say they forced him into his own car, a red honda civic and took him on a wild trip first to two of his banks to with draw cash then an unknown location made him get into the trunk of his car. he was driven a short distance what happened next may have been intended to give the victim a message. one of the suspects opened the trunk produced a knife and cut the victim on the arm. now
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